Some Similesabceda

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
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1. The suitcase was as as a feather.
2. He couldn't hear anything at all. He was as deaf as a .
3. That film was boring! It was as dull as .
4. "The children were no problem at all," said the babysitter, they were as good as and as quiet as ."
5. Is he crazy? Yes, he's as as a fruit cake.
6. Be careful if you do business with Robert - he's as slippery as an !
7. You think your wife's beautiful, do you? Well, sorry, but in my opinion she isn't - she's as ugly as !
8. Bobby isn't intelligent at all. He's as as two short planks!
9. Molly pretends to be as as pie to everyone, but be careful - she's as as a fox!
10. Little Emily looks as pretty as a in her new Sunday dress!
11. The first pair of twins aren't alike at all. In fact, they're as different as and cheese! The second pair, on the other hand, are as as two peas in a pod.
12. "Are you ready to come climbing, or do you still feel unfit?" No, I'm as fit as a now!
13. "Do Mr and Mrs Leadbetter belong to the upper classes?" No, not at all - they are as as muck!
14. John never panics in a crisis. He's always as as a cucumber!
15. When I questioned the kids about the theft of the bicycle they both looked guilty but in different ways! Joe he went as red as a , and Mary went as as a ghost!
16. Was everything in this exercise as as crystal, or as as mud?

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