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Lunch - eating cheaply

Buy bread in a patisserie or boulangerie. They will cut it for you if you ask them. Then buy ham  cheese or salad at a charcuterie - usually next door. They will happily make a sandwich. This is the cheapest way to have a very tasty lunch in Paris! Some let you buy a drink and then eat your lunch there. But ask first.


France is world famous for good cuisine and great wines - the word cuisine is, after all, French!  Although Paris can be expensive, a good meal will cost you much less than in London! And try to avoid fast food, which is much more costly than in the UK.

The Cafe Society
One of the great pleasures in Paris is to sit at a table inside or outside a bar or restaurant. Sitting in or outside a bar costs a little more than if you stand at the counter but you'll enjoy it better! Just sit and watch the world go by!


It is not necessary to give a tip in a bar or restaurant - it is already included. Give a small tip if you feel the service has been helpful and friendly.

Getting a taxi in Paris is not a pleasant experience! Taxi-drivers can be impolite, and may ask for extra cash. Pay only what is on the meter, plus a small tip.

Staff in budget and small hotels do not expect a tip, but it is a nice gesture to leave the room cleaning staff a small gratuity on the bed in your room. They work hard and are often on a minimum wage, so they really do appreciate it!

The Metro and Buses

You can obtain maps with information about all public transport from any open Metro ticket office.

I suggest you buy a 3-day 3-zone Paris Visite ticket if you are there for 3 or 4 days. If you are there for 4 days, for the final day buy a Carnet (10 tickets) and split / share them with your companions.

The Metro is usually very efficient with frequent trains. Take your last train before 1.30am to be sure of getting back to your hotel.

The RER (Réseau Express Régional "Regional Express Network") is a rapid transit system serving Paris and its suburbs. You can use Metro tickets on the RER, but if you travel outside the zones you have to pay extra - So buy RER tickets before you travel!

Normal bus services close very early - somewhere about 9pm! However, there are night buses (Noctilien) The service operates when the metro and daytime buses stop, from the centre of Paris.

Useful Websites with lots of information about Paris:

BBC’s Paris - A useful site which is very informative, giving the history of the city, lots of information, and help with some French phrases.

BBC Paris for schools  - The English is easy to understand.

An excellent and clear guide to Paris - Well written and clear English make this site very useful!

Some popular places to visit -

Tour Eiffel

Musée du Louvre

Musée d'Orsay

Musée Marmottanan


Paris Ile-de-France

These shows are spectacular - truly impressive! But tickets are expensive.

Lido - the most spectacular. E

Crazy Horse Saloon - spectacular. Moulin Rouge
Follies Bergere

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especially when travelling by Metro or enjoying the sights!  



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