snap = the noise made when something breaks or closes suddenly; a sharp cracking sound.

snap at someone = speak to or answer someone sharply also snap = lose one's self-control

"Can I have a day off, sir?" asked the secretary. "No you can't! Get on with your work!" snapped the boss.

snap up = buy or take something before it disappears or is taken by someone else.

There's a sale on at Harrods! Get there early before all the bargains are snapped up!

snap = break apart

The cord snapped before the climber had reached the top of the mountain and he plunged to his death.

snappy = trendy; garish

snappy = do it quickly

John's a snappy dresser - he always wears the trendiest fashions.

Make it snappy! I can’t wait all day!

make it snappy!

Hurry up!

snap shut = close with a sharp sound

This type of purse snaps shut when you close it.a crocodile's jaws snap shut.

snap one's fingers at

Bring one's finger and thumb together in contempt; defy (impolite). Call the waiter to your table by snapping your fingers.

a snapshot

a snap


A photo taken quickly without preparation, on the spur of the moment. Snap-happy refers to someone who continually takes snapshots. Trigger-happy means someone who is too eager to fire a gun.


A card game for two players who each turn over a card hoping to match the opponent's card. As soon as this happens, the person who shouts SNAP! quickest wins the cards on the table.

a snapdragon

A type of flower.

More Phrases: The little dog kept snapping at my heels.

It is possible to use it, for example, as: My enemies are snapping at my heels.

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