True Love!

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. (you can find a clue to most missing words in brackets after the prompt)
Mario loved Anna very and she loved him. He had been engaged her nearly three years and desperately wanted to married. But Mario knew that as the owner of only a very small farm the village where they lived he couldn't possibly give Anna all the things a beautiful young wife needed.

He also realised that another man with more money would certainly try to steal her him. In fact, he was already aware that Giovanni, who owned a much larger farm, was trying very to attract Anna's attention. to now, as far as he knew, she had completely ignored Giovanni's repeated efforts to woo her.

But Mario was worried and decided he had to become rich, and quickly as possible. Obviously, he thought, if I want money, I need to go a bank. Banks have lots of money.

So off he went to see the bank manager to arrange a loan that he could buy some more land which would enable him to make a huge profit. However, the manager was quite unhelpful and said lots things that Mario did not understand - phrases like 'no assets' and 'no security'. He angry, and decided that he had a right to money, particularly he loved Anna so much and wanted to give her a good life.

So one morning, just as the bank was opening, he covered his with a mask, went and pulled a gun. The terrified assistant gave him the cash he demanded, but not before the secret alarm button. Mario ran of the bank, jumped his car and drove rapidly . But the police were not far him and it was not long before he was caught. Later, he was put trial, found and sentenced 12 years prison.

Anna married Giovanni, of course, a few months the trial. That was five years ago, and she barely remembers Mario while, dressed the latest fashion creations, she drives round the village her large car.

Giovanni bought Mario's farm very cheaply, and joined the two farms one huge one, and this is where they live happily in their newly built mansion, with two lovely children playing their extensive garden.

I wonder will happen when Morio is released from prison?