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What people say!  

Errors /Puns by people in the media 


From Independent Television News:
In Australia, a prisoner went on an extreme diet to enable him to squeeze

through a the bars of his cell and also a brick wall he had chipped away.

"Have they caught him yet?"

"Slim chance! He's still at large and they have a fat chance of catching him".


slim chance - a very small possibility   at large - free   fat chance - virtually no possibility 

From an astronomer on the BBC

whilst discussing the possibility of life on other planets:
"The best argument for supposing that there is intelligent life out there

is that they haven't tried to contact us!"

From BBC Headlines:
OMG! "David Cameron's Wife goes into Labour . . ."
Explanation: David Cameron was the leader of the British Conservative Party, the opposition to Labour.
Go into labour means begins to give birth -

but here it may mean changing political parties! 

BBC Weather Forecast:
"There's plenty of weather coming up through the next week"
Really? Wow - imagine the opposite: no weather at all!


A good example of tautology*!
Commentator, European Football Cup:
"It's almost the first time this unprecedented action has ever taken place in football!" 


A politician you can trust?
My local Labour Party Candidate's name was, believe it or not, Nick More
As you will realise, he didn’t win!

(to nick also means to steal)

It was a life-changing experience must be an oxymoron**:
Surely every experience - by definition - must be life-changing?

*Tautology = the unnecessary use of two or more words or phrases to express one meaning
**Oxymoron = two words used together which have, or seem to have, opposite meanings

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