What people say!  Errors /Puns by people in the media 


From Independent Television News:
In Australia, a prisoner went on an extreme diet to enable him to squeeze

through a space between the bars and a brick wall he had chipped away.

"Have they caught him yet?

"Slim chance! He's still at large and they have a fat chance of catching him".


slim chance - a very small possibility   at large - free   fat chance - virtually no possibility 

From an astronomer on the BBC whilst discussing the possibility of life on other planets:
"The best argument for supposing that there is intelligent life out there is that they haven't tried to contact us!" 


ITV London News, when a fire started on a 3rd "bendy bus":

"Fire has broken out on a third of London's bendy buses"
Let's hope the remaining two thirds are OK ! 

(The article intended to say another bus - the third one!)


From BBC Headlines:
OMG! "David Cameron's Wife goes into Labour . . ."
David Cameron is (was) the leader of the British Conservative Party, the opposition to Labour.
Go into labour means begins to give birth - but here it may mean changing political parties! 


BBC News, regarding a new test-flight:

"New technology will allow people to travel around the world in a few hours"

So soon at that? When are services actually starting? 

BBC Weather Forecast:
"There's plenty of weather coming up through the next week"
Really? Wow - imagine the opposite: no weather at all!


A good example of tautology*!
Commentator, European Football Cup:
"It's almost the first time this unprecedented action has ever taken place in football!" 


A politician you can trust?
My local Labour Party Candidate's name was, believe it or not, Nick More
As you will realise, he didn’t win! (
to nick also means to steal)


It was a life-changing experience must be an oxymoron**:
Surely every experience - by definition - must be life-changing?

*Tautology = the unnecessary use of two or more words or phrases to express one meaning
**Oxymoron = two words used together which have, or seem to have, opposite meanings