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A Real Gentleman!


I had organised a coach trip from London to The Cotswold Villages for 50 students of English who had come to the UK to learn English.

It was just about the hottest day I ever remember. The air-conditioning on the coach couldn't cope and inside the coach it was uncomfortably hot. So I made the decision to pull off the main road as soon as possible and stop to let the students off.

We found a minor road and pulled up onto the pavement - the only option. It was a great relief, especially as some of the students were beginning to panic. Incidentally, most of the them were from Thailand, Latin America, Italy and Spain, so they were obviously used to high temperatures. But as I said, this was exceptional!

I got off first to make sure the students wouldn't wander off the pavement into the road. As I alighted, I noticed a man working in his garden and asked him if there was anywhere close by where the 50 students could get a drink. To my considerable surprise he said "That's OK, I can give them all a drink!"


As the students streamed out of the coach, I told him there were 52 of us, including the driver and myself. To our surprise, he produced a glass of water each, complete with ice cubes! And most of us drank two or three glassfuls!


A truly amazing experience! We all thanked the man and clapped!


I still regret not taking his address, as it would have been great for us to have sent a letter of thanks, signed by everyone, to a truly helpful, kind and resourceful man!


BTW: after that, the day went swimmingly (no pun intended!) Everyone had a wonderful day out!

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