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Tautology (by Mike Mills)

... is an expression or phrase that says the same thing twice, unnecessarily, or possibly for emphasis.

e.g.: I have an annual holiday every year.

e.g.: I don't want to keep repeating it again and again!

Here are examples of what I hear regularly on radio and TV:

More crimes have been committed recently than ever have been previously.

The police are looking further into the mystery to see if they can find a solution.

I hope the damp spot in the wall won't re-appear again!

Those companies have a mutual agreement to agree together on future policy.

The criminal is going to be extradited back into the UK,

I'm going to delete that comment so it will no longer be visible.

A couple of very frequent ones:

We're going to return back to ....

I'm looking forward into the future ...

A BBC Sports Commentator:

That was the most incredible and unique goal I have ever seen previously in all the years I have been commentating!

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